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The Gold Bot Trading Simulator
Our Gold Bot Trading Simulator is a starter kit that will tech you the basics of learning how to trade with our very own trading bots.

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What is The Gold Bot Trading Simulator

Our Gold Bot Trading Simulator has been designed to give you all of the tools to get you started as a bot trader.

Our starter kit allows you to start trading with 3 of our premium trading bots on a simulator account, which will allow you to test out the performance of the Gold Flow, Gold Master and the Gold Max.

We like to make sure that all of our clients at Sandrock Technologies have a full understanding of bot trading before we are happy for you to trade on your own account with real live money, so this is why the Gold Bot Trading Simulator is the first step to becoming a successful profitable bot trader. 

Your capital protection is our top priority here, and we want to see commitment from you.

This is why have created a simple to follow training course that will take you through the set up process and educate you on the world of bot trading. 

Once you have completed the course and have traded for a period of time, then you can move forward with a live trading bot. 


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